About Hereford Grain Corp.

* Features material density separation.
* Highly advanced color sorting with infrared detection technology for foreign material and damaged product removal.
* Color sorter combines conventional visible sorting with newer infrared technology.
* Facility can fulfill orders in bag or bulk by any mode of transportation.

_Ability to implement large volume grain identity preservation programs with producers and end users.
_Dedicated trucks and grain trailers.
_Rail shipments from single cars to 110 car shuttle shipper.
_Shipping logistics utilizing origin weights and grades, also ability to process paperwork for shipping directly to Mexico
_Knowledge of current railroad programs.

* Experienced Food Corn growers in the Panhandle of Texas.

_Fields located in one of the most fertile corn-producing areas.
_Plants grown in a fertile, healthy environment with favorable conditions of high altitude and cool nights.
_Favorable growing conditions reduce plant stress.
_No cross pollination.

* Crop Identity Preserved

_Isolation of crops to preserve identity and benefits of hybrids.
_Hybrid selected for specific customer traits.
_Identity preserved from seed lot numbers to customer P.O. numbers.

*Comprehensive risk management/marketing program utilizing grain marketing
and option strategies for both producers and end-users involving

_Flat Price Contracts
_Basis Contracts
_Futures Contracts